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We ran our own estate agency for 14 years, so know a little about property marketing. Our digital marketing agency, Populo Marketing, can look after all your online needs. From your website and property feeds, to your social media management, flyer design and email mailing lists.

Get in touch if you understand the advantage of outsourcing some of your marketing, whilst you concentrate on selling and letting.

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7 services

We aren’t trying to cover all your marketing, we concentrate on what we know best

So we have 7 services that cover a great deal. Your website, your social media, your statistics, videos, flyers, articles and valuations.

Or our complete marketing, which encompasses all of the above in one easy monthly service.

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Pay monthly web design

All in one service, covering everything you need for yuor website, for no upfront fee.
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All in one reporting

Keep track of all your stats: website visitors, social media clicks, emails, seo, rankings etc.
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Property Videos

Low cost property videos showcasing a property, created for you for only £10 each.
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Valuation Guides

Go an extra mile for your clients and have a  valuation / marketing / website for their property.

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Property Social Media

With so many visuals available, social media is essential to estate agents. Let us run it for you.
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Flyer graphic design

We keep it simple: order A5 or A6 double sided flyers and we will design them and print them .
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Article writing

The link between websites and social media, keep your website relevant by having posts written.
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All 7 services in one easy monthly package. No need to think about it, just have it done for you.
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Looking for a service?

We remember how useful it would have been to have a list of resources for running a property business…. so we created one to help you.

Signmakers, office refurbs, online software, accounting, specialist services, inventories etc. We have a great list of them all for you at our site, agentpopulo

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Signing up

Just let us know you are interested by using the form below. We will get in touch and set up a direct debit for you, so you can order any of the services at any time. 

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Premium Courses

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