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Pay monthly website design

6 3 - Pay Monthly

No <strong><em>upfront </em></strong> fee

Have you been putting off the launch of a new website, because it just doesn’t fit in with your budget?

3 2 - Pay Monthly

No <strong><em>contract</em></strong> tie in

Cancel whenever you want and walk away without any penalty fees to pay. No hassle and no fuss.

2 2 - Pay Monthly

All in <strong><em>one</em></strong> service

Sorting out your website address, creating the site, uploading to our hosting and ensuring it stays running.

What's <strong><em>included?</em></strong>

Everything you could need to get and keep your website running

4 1 - Pay Monthly

Mobile <strong><em>friendly</em></strong> website

Built using the wordpress platform, your site will be optimised for google and mobiles, as well as being responsive. Desktop, tablet and mobile friendly.

Up to <strong><em>20 pages</em></strong> created

You can have up to 20 pages of content created for you (ie Home, Services, About, Contact etc). You can also create unlimited pages yourself.

New <strong><em>design</em></strong> every two years

We want you to be happy staying with us for the long term. Your business changes all the time, so it’s important your website design reflects that.

Hosting and <strong><em>domain</em></strong> renewal

All pay monthly websites are hosted with us for free with our premium cloud hosting. We can also look after your domain purchase and renewals.

Your <strong><em>all inclusive</em></strong> features

£49 +vat per month

Pay monthly websites with no setup costs, with hosting included and ongoing expert support. Everything is taken care of for you, from sorting out your website address, creating the site, uploading to our hosting and ensuring it is running.

Take a look below at what’s included and what features you can have


paymonthly1 - Pay Monthly

Sign <em><strong>up</strong></em>

Click the sign up link and fill out the form. There is no payment made at this time. Once you fill out the form, you will be taken to a page where you can fill out the direct debit form, along with a creative brief at your leisure.

Send <em><strong>it</strong></em>

Once you have filled out the creative form, you will need to start putting together all your text, images, colours, logos etc. Before we begin designing your site, we will need all your content and images. This is important for us to be able to work out layouts for your pages.

Build <em><strong>it</strong></em>

Once we have all your content, we will start designing and building your site. We install on a live development site, so we can share the link with you once we have a rough idea of the home page. You will have plenty of time to look over the design to ensure you are happy with it as we go along.

Go <em><strong>live</strong></em>

Once the site is ready, we will organise to get it live, ready for you to show the world. Share on social media, with friends, clients etc. We will then continue to ensure it runs smoothly and be there for all those small changes that just happen whilst running a business.

Frequently <strong><em>asked</em></strong> questions

Am I tied into a contract?

No, not at all. There is no set up fee either. All we ask is that you give us 30 days notice before your next payment due date (normally the 1st of each month). Your site will be taken down and deleted once you cancel.

Will I own my website?

Yes, once you have made the first 24 monthly payments, you can decide to stop paying and we would provide you with a copy of your website as a zip file. If you decide to carryon, we re-design the site for you and continue for another 24 months.

Can you buy the domain name for me?

Yes we can (if it’s available). If you have not already got a domain name already, just let us know and we will help you choose and buy one.

What about email accounts?

Though the plan does not include email accounts, we can set these up for you also. We charge a fee to set them up and there may be a monthly charge for the accounts depending on the platform you decide to use for emails and how many accounts you want, but we will guide you through this.

How long will it take for my site to be ready?

We normally create, design, set up and install your site within 2-4 weeks of receiving all your content and images. You start paying for your site monthly, the moment you sign up with us, so try to get your content to us quickly.

Can I sell products on my site?

Yes, we do offer ecommerce plans. Please contact us for a monthly quote on this, as it depends on the number of products, variations etc.

How do I pay?

Fill out the sign up form and there will then be a link to fill out a direct debit form.

Can I take the site elsewhere?

The monthly plan is similar to a rental and us hosting the site is part of that. So essentially, we own the site until after 24 monthly payments have been made, though you still own all content you supply. You can transfer the site after 24 months if you decide you do not wish to continue paying or want us to redesign your site.

6 3 - Pay Monthly