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Small businesses and start ups can achieve a lot through social media. It is rewarding when follower numbers start to increase but your online communications needn’t be limited to this established group. Through social campaigns you can reach a greater number of people and boost the number of followers at the same time.

What is a social campaign?

A social campaign enables brand promotion using one or a combination of social media channels. For example, if your Facebook post was to be sponsored rather than just posted, it would reach a specifically chosen audience, not just current followers. The ability to target people enables you to capture those most likely to be interested in what you have to say. Once parameters for demographic and geographic information are given, prospective customers will see your sponsored post in their feed.

What makes a successful social campaign?

In any social campaign, it is important to design a creative message that works best in a social context. Take a look at some of the sponsored posts and advertisements within your own feed for inspiration. Video is commonly used because it can entertain and inform at the same time. Another successful tactic is to launch a competition that gets visitors to like and share the post – this is a powerful way to capture their networks. The best campaigns incorporate something that people want to pass on, such as statistics, entertainment, quizzes and competitions. Don’t launch your first campaign until you have something irresistible to share.

How do I set up a social campaign?

A social campaign works on a pay-as-you-go system: you will be asked to provide a credit card before choosing the criteria for the post(s). A limit can be set to avoid cost escalation and the spend will depend on the audience you are targeting. Before implementing a campaign, ensure your social pages are branded and include a link to your website. A popular way to capture leads from a campaign is to create a landing page which takes people to the next stage to invite an action (contact, purchase or data capture).

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